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An ImmigrationTracker Publication - November 2006

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Announcements and Updates

Many forms have been updated over the past few months including: Forms I-129S, I-129 Data Collection, I-730, I-864A, DS-158, DS-3032, DS-3035, & DS-2001, G-325A, G-325B, I-907, I-485, I-508, I-765 & EOIR-42. Please make sure you have downloaded the latest version by visiting

The USCIS is no longer accepting I-765 filings for non-interim EADs at local offices. Applications inadvertently sent will be returned and the applicant will be advised to file with the appropriate Service Center or Lockbox noted on the I-765 instructions.

Premium Processing is now available for the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (Form I-140) for all EB categories, except for EB-1A extraordinary ability, EB-1C multinational manager, EB-2 national interest waiver, and EW unskilled waiver petitions.

Tips and Tricks

Q: How do I change the auto-formatting of a phone number so that the system will accept an international number?
A: For any phone number that is different than the standard US nomenclature, place a '+' in front of the number. This turns off all formatting, and then you can enter in any string as you need.

Q: How do I add a new paragraph in an addendum page?
A: Click “Shift – Enter” to add a carriage return to start a new paragraph.

Q: How do I create default settings in a form such as: automatically state “See addendum” instead of populating the job description or automatically checking the box on the G-28?
A: You will need to create a form template:

1. Open the form that you want to use for this purpose.
2. From the ImmigrationTracker toolbar, click on “Create a Blank Form”.
3. In the Blank form, enter in any and all text items that will be the default values; also include any and all check-boxes that should be selected.
4. From the ImmigrationTracker toolbar, click on “Save Form Template”.
5. The file should be saved with a recognizable name in the “FormTemplates” folder. Enter name and click “Save”.

To open a Form template:
1. You will need to be on the record for the individual that you want to view the template doc.
2. Click on the “Additional Tools” toolbar drop-down menu.
3. Select “Open Form Templates”.
4. Select the Form Template that you created and click “Open”.

The Form will open and will include all data items that are part of the template. Data from the database will populate into any field on the form that is blank - all pieces of data that were saved into the template will remain intact.
*Please note that when we release a form update, you will need to re-create this template with the new form version.


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